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The Mission of the International Digestive Cancer Alliance is to promote The Screening, Early Detection, Primary Prevention and Management of PreMalignant and Malignant Disease of the Digestive Tract World Wide through an International Alliance of Organizations that share the same goal. 

At International Digestive Cancer Alliance we are working to create hope and the opportunity for a better world.

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Past Programs
To develop our programs, we identified the key areas where there’s the most need. Our programs rely on active participation from our partners, supporters.

Year 2006

IDCA (Drs. Classen and Winawer) committed IDCA to participating/assisting in the development of the Linqu County (China) trial protocol (H.Pylori – gastric cancers)

Years 2006-2007

IDCA held meetings/lectures in:
Hungary, United Arab Emirates, United States, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Spain, Romania, Turkey, Chile, Greece, Brazil, and Morocco

Year 2007

Letter received from Chinese Ministry of Health officially confirming that the study has been integrated into the five year program of the People’s Republic.  Dr. Meinhard Classen proposed that Wolff Schmeigel would be this year’s Charles Moertel lecturer.  Dr. Joseph Geenen present the award at the WEO meeting held at DDW.

Year 2009

IDCA/WGO Worldwide Colorectal Cancer Screening Guidelines based on the Cascade concept was approved for the National Guidelines Clearinghouse website

Year 2010

Description:  Launch of the Linqu County Trial

Year 2011

Description: Restructuring IDCA “Umbrella” organization
Chairman & Regional Chairs; Senior Advisory Council (original members)
2011 – Educational Conferences
• IDCA PG Course on Digestive Cancer, Rabat, Morocco

Year 2012

Description: • IDCA PG Course on Digestive Cancer, Rabat, Morocco
• IDCA/WEO Screening Committee on Colorectal Cancer, San Diego, CA

Year 2014

Description: Annual meeting held in conjunction with WEO at DDW, Chicago.  Charles Moertel Award presented to Graeme Young, MD, by Drs. Sidney Winawer and Joseph Geenen.

Year 2015

Description: Annual meeting held in conjunction with WEO at DDW, Washington, DC, IDCA/WEO – Screening Committee on Colorectal Cancer.

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